HamaraCloud DataAssure is designed to address three main data concerns of the CIO:

  • Will corporate data go out of the Country thereby being subject to different set of laws and possibly leading to undetected data leakage?
  • Can I get access to Corporate data anytime for Audit / local backup / Migration?
  • In case of data leakage, can I get access to data for investigation with the help of local law enforcement or should I wait for help from foreign agencies?

HamaraCloud commits data availability with SAN, redundancy in Hardware, offsite and offline backups using tape.

HamaraCloud DataAssure ensures that the organization has physical access to Corporate data anytime. Request a copy of the data in an external Hard drive to store on-premise or for Audit / Migration. Within 7 to 15 Business days of request being received, Carizen will take a backup of data onto an external Hard drive / Tape and send it by Speed post to the Registered address of customer account.

Media will be provided by Carizen and if the data is large, it will be split up into multiple media and sent.

Service Description Unit Price per Unit
  HamaraCloud DataAssure with Shipping by Speedpost 1 TB
Commercial Terms and Conditions
  Delivery 3 Days + Time to take backup + 5 days for shipping -> (7 to 15 days)
  1. Any defect in the Backup media should be brought to attention within 15 days of receipt of Media. No complaints will be entertained post this period.
  2. If any defect is detected, client should send the Media back to Carizen within 15 days from date of receipt.
  3. If Carizen confirms defect, a replacement will be sent to client. Cost of speed post from client to Carizen premises will be refunded to client.
  4. If Carizen does not detect any defect, client is responsible for collecting the Backup media from Carizen premises.
  Taxes 18% GST Additional (if applicable)
  Cancellation / Refund Policy Once order is placed, cancellation/refunds are not allowed.
  1. Online through HamaraCloud Payment Gateway
  2. NEFT / RTGS / IMPS to HamaraCloud bank account
  Others Due to the volume of requests, client can request at most one backup Media per month.
Backup Formats
Email: Maildir
Calendar: iCal
Task List: iCal
Notes: Plain text `
Chat: XML
Email Archive: ZIP file containing individual emails in EML format
FTP / Files: Directory structure with actual files
Exclusions from Backup data
Password hash
Backup Media
External Hard Drive
USB 3.0 Interface
EXT4 File system format
1 Year manufacturer’s warranty for Hardware. Client to contact Manufacturer for warranty service
LTO6 Tape Cartridge
Linear Tape File System format
1 Year manufacturer’s warranty for Cartridge. Client to contact Manufacturer for warranty service
Ability to track shipment once shipped
Additional security key can be specified to encrypt data in device (encrypted using dmcrypt software)
Additional Consulting Services
Migration of data to Exchange Server, Lotus Notes
Use of encryption / decryption to secure data

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